Epiclan 27 Day 1 Blog

written by savage in epiclan

Savage provides an update after day 1 at Epiclan 27

Yo lads, back at the hotel now after epiclan group stage. Just wanted to talk about the day for anybody not here.

  • Stream coverage had some issues from what I saw but Matt and the team worked hard to resolve them and it seemed to be working smoothly again quickly. As anybody knows that has attended LAN, so much happens so quickly that its impossible to have a stream that is perfect straight from the off but Matt & Windmillman were awesome and I think tomorrow and the finals on Sunday should be great to watch.
  • Fofog players did very well. @AsTeR was able to take first in his group, with the highlight being a really solid series v Mythic. @Kray (aka StrideR), @Savage, @Ziroy, @Arc, @Gleepower/@EmTee son of fluff (Just checking on this one) also progressed to day 2! Although @Prospect_sc2 were sadly unable to advance on this occasion although he has made a big change to his playstyle recently and was also in Group A which was the toughest on paper.
  • The bracket is up for Day 2, you can find it here - https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Epic.TWENTY_SEVEN (Thanks to @Voltacus) so be sure to tune in as we still have a lot of horses in the fight and there are sure to be some fireworks!
  • Personally I don't feel like I played well today, will hope to put in a better performance tomorrow, the aim is to peak towards the end of the tournament of course! Several of us were on very little sleep and I'm sure that affected our play. I think we're all going to sleep well tonight and put in a strong showing.
  • For FoFoG guys at lan, we'll get some photos tomorrow so grab your FoFoG t-shirt if you have one, also we'll try and organise pizza for when the games are finished, this may be quite late though so you may want to eat something proper for lunch.