Wok's Goodbye

written by savage in Fofog

Sadly we bring you the news that our beloved captain, Wok has departed the team for new opportunities within Esports. He leaves this message

Hi all,

It is with a heavy heart that I will soon be leaving you all. I have been given a new opportunity elsewhere that I should not turn down and I'd like to see where it takes me.

It has been a pleasure being a part of this team. I joined FoFoG during May 2015, this was my first SC2 team and I have stayed for almost 4 years now. Before then I never met people who had a deep competitive interest in the game until I joined here, so to have a place with likeminded folks really meant a lot to me - it truly feels like family in here.

Working myself up to be Captain of the team was an honour to have and to know that my work and also attitude here was recognised and appreciated - it just means a lot. I want to thank Magico the boss man behind FoFoG, being here has truly positively impacted a major part of my life, and to see what this team has evolved into is certainly something to be proud of. FoFoG is one of the many pillars of the SC2 community, especially to our UK scene - it would be wrong to not credit how important this team is to its own national scene.

My official departure will be in the following days, I don't know if I'll be gone forever, but I want to see where this new path will take me. I'll still stick around as a guest here and I'll be around for LAN's to come <3

So I do wish you all the best <3 I will let you all know where I end up

We thank him for his time and wish him the best for the future!