Week 2: SC2i Team League vs ReG

Tonight Forged Force Gaming faced up to ReG Gaming in the Starcraft II Improve Team League.

Proceedings started with Unknown, a Grandmaster Protoss squaring up with our very own Protoss, the Master League Protoss, Spida. The game was played on Catallena. Unknown took this game relatively easily, opening with double gate for early Zealot production into a 4 gate rush he overwhelmed Spida who lost his Mothership Core cheaply. Losing this and only having 2 gates to Unknown’s 4 meant the game was over. 1-0 to ReG.

Next up we sent out Afelay, a Diamond League Protoss who is in great form, doing well on ladder and recently winning a Diamond/Master tournament. The map chosen was Overgrowth. The game played out well for Afelay initially staying level in economy and having a tech advantage in Phoenix. Afelay managed to snipe Unknown’s third base and recall in a great move to get into a comfortable lead. Unfortunately things went down hill when Afelay tried to hit a timing with a Collosi advantage but took a poor engagement being overly aggressive. A miss micro cost Afelay several robo units that he couldn’t replace. Eventually the army lead for Unknown started to tell and he crushed Afelay’s army mid map after an over extension to take down Unknown’s fourth. 2-0 ReG.

Third game was a chance for TvP, DaBiggerFish was called upon. Currently unranked on ladder but with 12 previous Master League finishes. This game was played on Expedition Lost. The game was fairly passive until the 9th minute when Unknown played DTs, which Fish closed down well considering his turrets were late, losing 8 SCVs leaving him a little behind but not in an unwinnable position. Unfortunately Fish began to fall behind economically with his third heavily delayed. Some nice baiting and drop play brought Fish back into the game but with such a late expand Protoss extended their army supply advantage. The game ended in a one sided fight with Collosi and storm reigning down on a smaller Terran army in an unfair fight. 3-0 ReG.

FoFoG called upon Season 4 2014 GM and top player in their roster, the artist formerly known as Cladorhiza would take on Unknown in game four. This match was played on Vaani Research Station. Unknown attempted an immortal sentry all in off a Gate expand which seemed to have a very small army supply for the move out time. Cladorhiza shut the all in down with ling hydra with some great micro. 3-1, game on!

The next two games were something of a white wash, Cladorhiza dispatched a cannon rush from Batman on Deadwing and a ling all in from Sonix on Secret Spring to tie the series up at 3-3.

The final game in which FoFoG anticipated a 4-3 reverse all kill was something of an anticlimix. BLord was chosen by ReG. Played on Inferno Pools, this was a ZvZ. The match ended abrutly when Cladorhiza opened gasless and was subsequently speedling all in’ed. Unable to close the massive ramp in time, lings flooded into the main and GG was called.

Congratulations to ReG Gaming and good luck for future matches. For Forged Force Gaming we will dust ourselves down and prepare for next week with victory imperative after two defeats in the opening two weeks.



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