UK University Starcraft League

Studying at a higher education institute in the UK? Play Starcraft 2? Would you be interested in participating on behalf of your university in a Starcraft 2 tournament? Are you sick and tired of reading rhetorical questions?

Look no further.

A Starcraft 2 league of players from across the country will take place weekly via a points system. Via a best of 3, players will receive 1 point per map won or 3 points for winning the whole series, and none for a loss. Draws will result with a regame. At the end of the season, the top 8 players can gather for an offline day-long event for a cash prize pool.

Send us your in-game name, university and race to sign-up! The league begins on the 23rd February but sign ups will remain open beyond this date (however you will of course be behind people in terms of matches played). This first season will end on May 1st and the final updates to the league table will be made on May 2nd.

League table can be found here below:

Beyond this date, the top 8 players of the season will be invited to an offline event and will compete for a cash prize pool!

For rules and procedures, follow this link:

Be sure to like the UKUSL facebook page ( and join the Starcraft group UKUSL to find your opponent and stay up to date with information regarding the league.

Also be sure to spread this to others who may be interested! The success of this league depends entirely on you, the spectators and participants.



Hey there! I'm Lucas 'Ziroy' Zierold, 19 year old university student with lots of spare time at hand.

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