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Good afternoon

Forged Force Gaming has been running for a year and a half now and we have had players come and go, been to many a LAN, had some good times and bad times. Now is the time for change for the team, to send it in the correct path  for its future endeavors in the E-Sports scene of Starcraft2.

Myself as manager has been thinking of these changes for about 2 months now and with talks to  the management of the team, we have all agreed the changes that I will state below are good and positive ones for the team. At this current moment the team will be up to 22 players, where ladder is the only motivation to play and with so many people, personalities will definitely cause issues between players in such a big group. Also with so many players in a team, inactive people can hide and myself and other players can forget about this, from today this will not be the case. If you are inactive you will be noted as inactive on a list and with a reason to as why you are.
The changes that will be in place is to not separate the team or segregate it  in any shape of form, FoFoG is a full team, thus there is now going to be a FFGPro clan tag and FoFoG tag.

The FFGPro tag will be players that will be in the first team for SC2ITL cw Matches, for ones who are most active on Ladder and participate in regular tournaments and stream consistently. The reason for this is to make the team look more professional, to gather who our best and most active team members.
The FoFoG tag will be for all other members of the team, with a new goal of achieving the new tag FFGPro. This is to motivate people in becoming more active in the team and to make sure they are active on ladder and in tournaments.

Routine with in the team will still be the same, Psy-Esports matches on the Wednesday, where FFGPro and FoFoG players will play in, plus Saturday practice and FFGPro and FoFoG teams in the SC2ITL League.

Players will get PM’d in due course




I own the team.

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