The team is now 2 Years Old

Well Boys and Gals we are now 2 years old in January and we have had another fantastic year together, of course players have come and gone from the team but the family feel of the team is still with in us all.
2016 is a new year and a great time to change and improve our current set up in Forged Force Gaming.

In 2016 we have the second season of LOTV to look forward to and a U.K LAN to attend and Win. Thus from January there will be a few changes to take note:

  1. No longer a FFGPro clan tag – this is to not alienate people who in 2015 was with the clan tag FoFoG and FFGPro. We are all FoFoG clan tag players and there does not need to be any difference between players showing skill level with a clan tag.
  2. All players will have same opportunities to play in any CW we sign up for be it PSY Esports – Alpha League – SC2Improve League. CW Experience is a great way to put yourself under a different pressure away from Ladder and to test you skill level
  3. Active with Social Media – We have started to use Twitter more but tbh still little to what the platform can offer, so everyone in 2016 will have access to the social media platforms we have. We do have a Facebook/Twitter/Twitch/Youtube Accounts and may even set up a Instagram for LAN events players attend
  4. Saturday Practice nights will start in the new year along with race specific training days.
  5. People who would like fofog apparel like a hoody or t-shirt then just contact Magico and one can be arranged.
  6. Player changes always happen in a team, active players will be moved to an active Sc2 group chat on Skype with the original Skype being more of the social chat group, I will be giving players chances to become active in all aspects of the team i.e. in Skype, Team Speak and in Sc2 with each other. We are wanting more interactions between players in 2016.
  7. From point 6 this may mean a smaller team to create this feel
  8. Proposal, we will be finalizing a proposal for sponsors in January and we will have the whole team help us with this so we can get the best proposal possible to send out.

I believe GamerRichy as Captain everyone in the team is happy with and will sustain his role in that field




I own the team.

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