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From Epic LAN i have gained a lot of passion for SC2 and at this current time i write this post, I am working a full on schedule with no time off.
Due to work being very quite i have had time to think about doing some alternative streams/ creating Vods for our YouTube channel. Yes we have a YouTube Channel!!

I am looking to possibly do 4 projects:

  1. Starcrfat2 for Dummies: A Series of Short Clips explaining Starcraft 2 LOTV in a very simplistic fashion for new players that could enter into Sc2. I feel that thei isn’t enough very basic content for stacrfat2. Yes there is older vods sayingwhat the races are and what to do, but nothing in a very easy explanation. For Example, something like; “This is an SCV. An SCV is a worker in the Terran Race which you start off with in the game. These collect minerals and gas for your economy and build structures to create Units and Upgrades for your Army”. If you think this would be a good series to do showing the Forged Force Gaming is looking to get new players into SC2 then please leave a comment below or PM me a thought.
  2. Community/Team Map Creation. Using Reddit Twitter and people we know, posting a voting link where the SC2 Community over a week votes for a map. I.E. A Vote for a creation of a 2/3/4 player map. Name of a map and texture style of a map. This project is to get the team more together on times when we are not focusing to much on ourselves in 1v1 but also getting the community of SC2 together to try and create more balanced maps so the game can be more fun.
  3. Skins creation. CS:GO you are able  to download mapping for a gun and create your own “skin” texture. This project will be to create unit and building skins for all 3 races in sc2 and then posting the ideas onto Battle,net forums. This project is for fun and to see how sc2 would look with like a Nation Skin of a Country our the teams logo in game on structures and units.
  4. Casts: “Forged Casts” done by players in the team of other players. Now this can be a fun casts where we look to take the mic out of a team mate or a professional cast where we look to cast the game in a normal manner  and praise both the winner and loser and then give feedback of what they could work on. OR with Forged Cast also with casts of games, Replay analysis Cast where i use a sheet i created to analyse a replay of someone.


If a project sounds interesting to you please case a vote underneath in comments or PM me with what you think. It is to start using all our Social Media Options we have out there including Youtube!

Also if you want to be involved in any of this then also please let me know.



Magico – Manager!



I own the team.

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