I am Sorry!

You are probably wondering why i am writing an apology, well it is to all current members and ex members of Forged Force Gaming.  We have a platform to publicise this team to its full potential and i have failed to do so! 

Forged Force Gaming has been running for three years 8 months now and where we are to where we could be is a vast separation from each other. We have a fantastic website that ColdAzures has created and should be the focal point of the team. The place where we all use the calendar to add in SC2 competitions online and offline, dates of Clan Wars, streaming times and general event stuff with the team. To find interesting articles about SC2 and other E-Sports we are in like CS:GO. A place where anyone can find information about all players on the team, what E-Sports they play and if they move on where are they now.
If players don’t know we have a Twitter/Facebook/Twitch and a YouTube then i have also failed in aiding the team in providing different platforms for them to get themselves known in the social atmosphere.
I am sorry to past and present people of FoFoG, for not providing a team that was set up to provide an area where you can chat through Skype and ts and now discord to improve yourself as an SC2 player and as a person. Sorry that i have not pulled my weight as an Owner and letting people down!
I whole heatedly apologise to everyone.
I will try my hardest to  start changing things for the better but i can not do it alone, i will need help in making sure from this point, we become the most dominating force in E-Sports!

Mitchell Lawrence



I own the team.

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