SC2Improve Clan War Results – Week 1

Forge Forced Gaming 4-1 Aachen Esports

[FoFoG] Distan (T) 0-1 [ACe] Stahlbolzen (P)

[FoFoG] Cladorhiza (Z) 1-0 [ACe] Stahlbolzen (P)

[FoFoG] Cladorhiza (Z) 1-0 [ACe] Pajo (P)

[FoFoG] Cladorhiza (Z) 1-0 [ACe] Stebbins (Z)

[FoFoG] Cladorhiza (Z) 1-0 [ACe] Isputs (Z)



I started playing SC2 when Wings of Liberty was released and am a bio-focussed Terran player.

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