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My name is Mitchell Lawrence aka Magico the Manager of Forged Force Gaming, this post is to state my view of what FoFoG stands for and the rules and regulations I impose through the team.

Forged Force Gaming is a team that stands for a hard work ethic combined with fun and respect towards all members of the team, to create an atmosphere that aids in development of a player in Stracraft2 where professionalism meets Fun! Every team member on FoFoG looks to improve their on ability in Starcraft and in their own times, thus as Manager I will always look to help everyone in their sc2 ability by using the team or with other resources. Along with improving in sc2 in a professional manner, Fun aka banter is a key aspect I feel is needed in the team and I am all for it. It relaxes the atmosphere from tense situations and gives a great sense of community with in the team itself. I will state that everyone knows the banter line is and when any one associated within FoFoG feels the line has been crossed I want them to talk to Myself the Captain or Vice-Captain in confidence about the situation.

Venting can be another contentious issue between players due to Starcraft being a very frustrating and hard game to play and improve in, thus venting can turn into a very constructive time for a player and other players must understand when venting is occurring other people may take a look to take a little banter with it along with constructive comments. venting to much though to players will seem like they are whining and whining about an issue with out trying to learn from it, it will become an issue with players.
In correlation to this, Respect every player, regard any information a player may look to provide to you and either take it on board or not but don’t totally disregard their comments or views they look to provide. Be thankful that a player has tried to help you in that situation.

Professionalism through Starcraft specific scenarios with in this team is something i am keen to implement with in the team, when players are playing ladder or doing team games or in general discussion about the game; constructive feed back and analysis is key to growth. Joking about balance is a good factor to have with in this to brake up the seriousness but professional actions such as a plan of action for your own personal growth for sc2, training games vs a great practice partner who is not scared to whittle down all mistakes you made not to show you how bad you are but to show where main weakness’s to work on first that will then move on to the smaller weakness’s. During practice games, if a player lost due to a big mistake or a mistake they felt they made, state it but also praise the other player for winning the game. Both players are just looking for that win no matter how it was achieved, be gracious in defeat, learn and move on.

In general Team Speak issues, with the three events that we have during the week, – Psy-Esports league/ SCTIL CW and our training session on a Saturday, Team Speak channels will be used properly in accordance to the events stated. Thus when channels can be password protected for other situations like practice games or team games so when someone who isn’t on before the other things happen they can see from channel usage what is going on.
In correlation Skype conversations to remain as they are, banter and fun as much as possible whilst not stepping over the edge to make someone feel alienated or down from comments, along with constructive comments in all situations, passive aggressive comments deemed poor will be told off from management.

Down to the roles of the captain and vice captain of the team:

Captain- A captain will be someone who is picked by me and will not have any power on adding/ removing people from the team
Vice Captain – A Vice Captains role is a member of the team like the Captain or myself players can approach in confidence to deal with minor matters or pass on information to the Captain and Manager.  the Vice- Captain takes on the approach of aiding in arranging CW players and team sessions. Vice-Captain does not have the power of adding or removing players but aids in delegations of team situations like the Captain.

Vice-Captain were chosen by me from a few players feedback on the situation, from today this position will be voted for in fairness. please read the following roles above before selecting a player for this position.

Manner of players is a key aspect to a successful team in the sc2 community, therefore Bad manners towards own players or opposing players is not tolerated
Whilst playing in cw be honored to where the FoFoG symbol against another team, represent the team with pride and joy.
Passive aggressive comments towards other people is not constructive in any way and i personally don’t like it, be warned any passive aggressive comments will be told off and warned about.
Respect players in a way you would like to be respected, know of players boundaries and space they may require during particular situations

My full aim for the team is to have dominating players on ladder who strive to get that promotion, along with improving in their own minds eye. Plus attending LAN’s where we are known as the dominating team there with great atmosphere and a team bond.

A Team that has Professionalism with Fun all mixed together to become the best we can be in sc2 and life.

My name is Mitchell Lawrence I am the manager of Forged Force Gaming.
If anything above is not addressed in a manner you see fit please message me through Skype or TS or in game to go over these.
Thanks Magico



I own the team.

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