Introducing Scheduled Training Sessions!

With the start of 2015 and a host of new ambitions in sight FoFoG is launching a weekly inter-clan practice session! Attendance is expected from all members (If you are unable to attend, please notify Ceonsamea or Mitch) – Playing is not compulsory, you don’t have to play if you really don’t want to (heck, we all have those days), but we expect everyone to at least be present so that they can contribute to group discussion and create an environment in which the whole team benefits from thoughtful discussion as a collective. This is NOT a peepmode session, we all know how quickly peepmode’s tend to deteriorate into “Random vs Random” ‘Banta’!


At the start of the session, each player will be paired with a practice partner. All players will have the option of requesting a specific matchup (or even style) which they would like to practice against and they will be matched accordingly whenever possible. Everyone plays three games with replay analysis and discussion between games. Once all the games are played, players will begin group discussion, allowing them to go over eachother’s replays or answer any questions which may have come up during the practice session. Games will not be streamed – this is a private practice session for players to address their biggest weaknesses. Anyone from the team may observe anyone elses game at any time… unless David is making everone lag again ;P

In cases of unequal skill pairings it is the responsibility of the stronger player to provide the most effective practice environment possible for the weaker player. This means that the weaker player has full choice over the maps. If there is no specific map that they wish to practice on, the map will be default decided based on the weaker player’s statistically weakest map. Maps may be repeated as many times as necessary if the players wish to do so. Additionally, the weaker player has the right to request a specific style that they would like to practice against. This means that the stronger player can also benefit significantly by using the practice sessions to learn and experiment with new styles in a way that is directly beneficial to other clan members! TvP practice might become an opportunity for a macro Protoss player to learn how to do a 1base blink allin. PvZ could be a chance for a muta/ling player to learn roach hydra. TvT could become a chance for Ceon to learn mech… *shudders*. The main goal is to diversify ourselves as player, address our known weaknesses and build a good network of practice partners who can deliver exactly the type of practice that we need!

Happy Practicing!
Sounds awesome! So when is it?
The practice session will run from 7pm-9pm UK time. The day of the week will be decided based on the poll results below! Please select all days which you are best able to attend on a weekly basis!

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