Forged Open #1

Good evening everyone, from looking into how the team is, we have a small core of players who are active in sc2, active with in the team on TS and Skype playing other games, and the others who are busy with work and not participating at all in anything at the moment.
To try and get more people to play sc2 again and to start setting goals, i am running a in house sc2 tournament through challonge  where there will be a prize pol of £50. Winner taking £25, Second £10 and third £5.
Format of the tournament, each round will have a pre-determined map and bo3 until semi final is a b05 and final bo7, with losers bracket double elimination!

But this is not all, for the players who feel they don’t have a chance of winning the event, i am doing a prize for the player who we feel caused an upset or did better that i thought they would! To make sure all players of skill level in the team play in the event.

This will happen on Sunday 14th August, i will stream it through our team twitch, then get clips for our youtube channel with best bits, mistakes and funny comments or shoots at people!
If we can get a b stream for the event so we can get as many games shown as possible!
If any player would like to donate to the prize pool or best en devour prize pool then i would be very grateful.




I own the team.

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