Forged Force Gaming Live Replay Sync

Hi all,

Last night me and BloodRayne set up a system that allows you to automatically sync your replays to fellow teammates, it shall be updated with pro replays (where availiable).

Myself and BloodRayne have also fixed it so it automagically will be uploaded to the dropbox, I believe this would be very beneficial for the team if updated with pro replays and players of higher caliber in the team, it also removes the need to ask specific players for replays and then have to wait, it causes no bother to you and we would simply think that it would be a great addition to daily team life.

It’s only a 15 minute set-up and could also be great for coaching purposes

All we ask in advance is for you to:

Install scelight’s latest version over at: scelight’s website

Sign up and also download their desktop app over at: Dropbox’s website

Enter the E-Mail into the Google Docs over at: The Dropbox E-Mail Google doc

And Finally install Teamviewer at: Teamviewer’s website

Then we’ll contact you on when you would like for it to be done and we shall use teamviewer to do it for you while you just go for a cup of tea or dinner!

Thanks all, I understand that some of you may be a little sensitive with sharing your e-mail, if you are I shall be adding a list for you to let me know that you would like me to contact you and I shall over the next few days.

Many Thanks,

Mememaster Fazed and GodRayne

P.S. This is very well built upon version of TeamLiquid’s replay sharing system 🙂

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