FoFoG Makes PSY E-Sports League Playoffs!



After a Struggling season losing to top tier teams like Dead Pixels, isIMBA and Team Spectre.

FoFoG has managed to reach the PSY E-sports league playoffs by 4 points with an overall record of 15-9 over isIMBA Aggression which feels pretty FeelsFazedMan for them.

A massive congrats to all the players and people in the team who have made this possible, whether it’s through customs or just general analysis of the game which I can say myself is the whole team!

The first team we play in the playoffs is Team Spectre who we previously lost to, time for revenge lads!

Time to put our heads down and get back to laddering with this new patch, more customs, more builds, more memes!

If anyone needs to look at a specific player, let me know and i’ll start compiling profiles.

Well played lads! FeelsBergMan




My name is Fah Sed

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