2014: The Year In Review

Hi avid reader of blogs on the Forged Force Gaming Website.

As I’ve had far too much caffeine and it happens to be the last sober day of the year, i felt id offer a small review of the year in general – with different subsections to offer up some discussion and debate about the year and how we all felt it went ūüėÄ

And So Flux’s Year in Review Begins.

Starcraft II


Starcraft II started the day with numbers high and with a feel of more togetherness culminating in the WCS Season 2 finale’s being quite the success. This year to top that, the finals would be held at Blizzcon. Blizzard’s showpiece tournament stop would prove to be just that, showstopping. From the spectacular crowd scenes to the impressive, ever-changing mainstage masterpiece, Blizzard really excelled and raised the bar for tournaments to follow.

Other stand out events in the starcraft scene also included the RedBull Events and with the increasing amount of money redbull seem to want to invest into esports and starcraft in particular, 2015 looks set to be very interesting indeed.


On a more personal level to ForgedForceGaming, 2014 saw the first few attendances at major lans. EPIC 13 was attended by some of our players and despite no idividuals progressing through to the latter stages of the competition. A healthy FoFoG attendance helped in part to kickstart heavier attendances.

A few weeks passed and so began Insomnia Gaming Festival 52. Which proved to be the last starcraft uk lan tournament of the year. At i52 FoFoG were represented by no fewer than 6 players (Magico, Distan, Cladorhiza, Ceonsamea, Silverdrone, Flux). It also saw the start of the teamkill season as Cladorhiza and Ceonsamea faced eachother in the first round winners bracket.

Also this year saw the return of the UK Starcraft Scene. An idea was had that a skype call to end all skype calls could be made to rejuvenate the UK Scene. So one was made and friends added their friends until the current number of 81 participants now reside within. Alongside this saw the first and second UK Revival Series tournaments (aptly called #1 and #2). In the first tournament our own ¬†Cladorhiza made the finals and played out a closely fought 3-2 series vs MnM’s Mix.

The elephant in the room of 2014 as far as starcraft goes would be weather 2014 Blizzcon see the announcement of the long awaited third and protoss expansion: Legacy of the void. As the Blizzcon lights dimmed and Dustin Browder took to the stage, the crowd was teased a glimpse of the final starcraft II expansion.

The Legacy of the Void Expansion Trailer is here.

A Write up of proposed (and slightly out of date) multiplayer changes are here.




This years sporting calandar was dominated by two giant events.

Firstly and by far the biggest, The Fifa World Cup took place in Brazil.

For our English readers, ill try and keep it brief, It was an disastrous¬†tournament for England, recording no wins and achieving just the single point in the group stages ensured an early exit for Roy Hodgson’s young squad.

The final was contested by A European and South American Country, but rather than the much fancied Spain vs Brazil match many expected, it was in fact the Argentinian’s led by (eventual golden ball winner) Messi and the efficient, ruthless German team who dismantled Brazil in such a way, that videos of the semi final (where Germany won 7-1) were uploaded to Porn websites under the “public humilation” category. The youngest man on the pitch scored the winning goal in the final as Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 AET. Brazil had hosted an impressive world cup despite the threats of demonstrations and despite its national teams destruction to the hands of the Germans, the samba hospitality of the hosts ¬†seemed to come through in the end.

Highlights and further reviews of the matches can be found on Fifa’s website.


The second sporting event this  year that dominated UK headlines (which will have perhaps an unfair tangent in this blog) was the Commonwealth Games Glasgow. The Commonwealth games have always felt slightly less followed than the olympics but for the UK and particuarly England, they have always had a feel good factor (normally because of the number of medals we can collect with no China/Russia/USA).

This Years Commonwealth Games, probably due to its proximity, proved to be rather popular with the home nations still high on the Olympic spirit of 2012, as they rallied behind their athletes to see the highest TV records for the Commonwealth Games set in history.

A Full comprehensive review of the Commonwealth Games can be found here.

Other sporting highlights this year include

Lewis Hamilton claiming his second World Title over Nico Rosberg (his teammate at Mercedes)

Rory McIlroy winning the Open (finally).




Music in 2014 was to the most part, lets say, cheesey.

From “Blurred Lines”, to being “happy” the biggest selling hits of the year had you humming along and played till the point you wished you wouldn’t have to hear again, let alone listen to the song.

So rather than talk about the annoying songs. Im gonna post Flux’s Underrated Songs Top 5 of 2014.

(Disclaimer: I really don’t care if you don’t like my music taste – This is purely for discussion purposes)

The Flux Underrated Top 5 of 2014

At Number 5

Ryn Weaver – OctaHate (Cashmere Cat Remix)

This Spacey remix of Ryn Weaver’s underrated song OctaHate from Cashmere Cat will hope to be the “Habits” (Tove Lo) of 2015.

At Number 4

Alesso – Heroes (we could be) feat. ToveLo

This song hit late in 2014 ready for the new years eve/party season. It could make a splash early in 2015 so look out for it soon!

At Number 3

James Blunt – When I find love again

Had to include a bit of the Bluntmeister, November saw the repackaged Moon Landing album with a few new songs “just in time for christmas” as James Bluntly (lol) put it.

At Number 2

Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding – Outside

Although becoming a top 10 hit – this collaboration looked destined for a run at number one. This Song from Calvin Harris’ album Motion, looked even more so headed for number 1 after the success of their previous song “I Need your love” earlier in the year for Ellie Goulding’s Album Halcyon. However it fell short, only reaching number 8 perhaps due to the poor realease timing (a couple of weeks before christmas).

And the Number 1 Underrated Song of the Year (according to Flux)

Habits (Stay High) (Hippie Sabotage Remix) – Tove Lo

Another remix song of an underrated artist – Tove Lo appeared towards the end of 2014 and with 2 songs in this list could have a big year in 2015. Although no real success with her album Queen of the Clouds, remixes of her songs including this one from Hippie Sabotage could earn her a profitable new year.




Im gonna be even briefer on this one and sum up this year in Politics in lets say, 12 words.

Syria, UKIP, Referendum, Expenses, “The Interview”, Boris Johnson, Milibands Nose, ISIS, Liberal Gone-acrats.

Deduce your own opinions on this one…


Other interesting news from 2014


To round off I felt id just touch on a few other topics from 2014.

One from each month then ?


Justin Bieber’s Meltdown – arrested for drink driving but a bargain helps him escape jail.


Simon Cowell has a baby – Despite a lot of Americans thinking he was gay!


A Big month for the Virtual Reality Gaming Race – Facebook aquires Occulus Rift whilst Sony announces Project Morpheus


Nuts Magazine closed its doors for the final time.


A woman or man in a beard wins Eurovision. Conchita Wurst (literally translated to Pussy Sausage). Also Solange Knowells goes HAM in a lift with Jay Z whilst a quiet Beyonce looks on (Parodies everywhere).


For game of thrones fans, June saw “the mountain and the viper” – Ouch.


In July the aforementioned public humiliation of 11 Brazillian boys was aired on TV.


August saw the rapidly growing “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” really gather pace with many celebrities getting in on the act.




Oscar Pistorious was sentanced to 5 years in prison by South African Judge Thokozile Masipa. Although the prosecution wish to appeal the verdict of not guilty to the count of murder.


Novermber had the hilarious Black Friday sales fights in Tesco as women, children and grown men fought for a cheap discounted TV’s, the world watched in amusement.


And Finally in December this masterpiece hit the internet.


The Blair’s Christmas Card was possibly the warmest portrait known in modern history.


2014 has been good… 2015 looks to be shaping up to be better.


In 2015 EPIC LAN in Kettering looks to be the largest Starcraft II Tournament in recent years as the UK Scene binds together.

Also for Team FoFoG applications will be made to sponsors to finally align ourselves with the biggest names in the community. We all want to be in the best position for the release of legacy of the void as a stable esports team and one of the biggest in the UK.

Peace out hombres. See you in 2015.

Flux Out.




Protoss Gone To Zerg

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