Factory based opening for beginners


The early game of a TvP match up is dictated mainly by the quality of scouting. Protoss has a wealth of tech paths and build orders they can choose from that can apply pressure or outright kill the terran if there’s insufficient preparation. Therefore, unless you’re willing to risk wasting a scan, a reaper opening is very favourable, since this unit is quick, jumps cliffs and regenerates health rapidly. The reaper’s sole job is to scout, not to kill probes.

The reaper scout requires an early refinery to be taken, so that the terran can afford the 50 mineral, 50 gas expenditure for the reaper. After this, the terran player has a decision; either take workers out of the refinery to mine minerals to afford more barracks or a quick 2nd command centre (or even a greedy 3rd command centre) or keep workers in gas to build a factory.

The standard 3 barracks opening does have some benefits in comparison to a factory opening, the main one being that the terran has more units in the early game to fend off any kind of early attack or to be aggressive with more units once stimpack and medivacs are available. The factory based opening can lead to early game damage (depending on the skill of the protoss opponent), easy defence against oracle openings and could lead to a hyper aggressive drop-based mid-game. Furthermore, should the protoss player have chosen a twilight council tech path, detection will be delayed, allowing widow mines to more potency.

The basic build order is as follows:

Supply Game Time Production
10 01:00 Supply depot
12 01:40 Barracks
12 01:50 Refinery
15 02:50 Orbital command
15 02:50 Reaper
17 03:35 Command centre
18 03:50 Supply depot
18 03:55 Reactor
19 04:25 Factory
21 04:50 Constant marine production (upon completion of reactor)
27 05:20 Orbital command
27 05:30 Starport
27 05:30 Widow mine
32 05:55 Supply depot (beyond this point, assume constant depot production)
36 06:10 Widow mine
40 06:25 Medivac
46 06:50 Double barracks
46 06:55 Tech lab (on the factory)
50 07:10 Tech lab (on the starport)
50 07:10 Carry out a widow mine drop
52 07:25 Engineering bay
52 07:30 Double refinery
56 07:40 Remove factory and starport from their respective tech labs
58 08:00 Move the two newly completed barracks onto the tech labs
60 08:20 Research stimpack and combat shields
64 08:35 Research +1 infantry weapons
64 08:40 Command centre
66 08:45 Assume constant marauder production
70 08:50 Reactor (on the starport)
77 09:20 Refinery
83 09:40 Double medivac
93 10:00 Double barracks
101 10:25 Double medivac
101 10:25 Carry out a double medivac drop
105 10:30 Concussive shells
109 10:50 Orbital command

Further notes:

Upon completion of 3rd and 4th medivac, carry out another drop.
While harassing your opponent via medivac drops, the priority is to not lose the medivacs. Should your opponent select the collossus tech path, vikings must be made from the starport and if medivacs have been lost prior to this, your medivac count will be greatly reduced, impairing your healing potential.
By dropping your opponent, you not only may cause great damage via killing probes or key tech structures, but also hinder them from safely taking a third base.
Upon taking your third base, your minerals will begin to increase rapidly, despite constantly building from your barracks. At this point, three more barracks should be made, increasing the total barracks count to eight.
Your infantry composition should be 50% marines and 50% marauders. Therefore, three of your eight barracks should have reactors and the other five should have tech labs.
If fighting against a templar opening, widow mines and ghosts would be a great addition to the overall army composition to rapidly eradicate all the zealots of the opponent/ deplete the high templar of energy.
If the opponent should be going for an aggressive gateway attack, their detection (observers or oracles) will be greatly delayed. Therefore, you must build several bunkers, repair when necessary and drop harass post-attack.



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