Dreampool 2016: PvZ Walloffs to secure two bases!

We’re going to go from easiest to hardest maps for this season’s PvZ walloffs.

The criteria is to wall off with as few structures as possible in the most efficient manner (e.g. not forcing double gate before core) but to also leave a 1 tile gap which can be fully walled with an adept. It is also nice if the pylons are protected by buildings so they cannot be focused by early lings, also when they are further back low range units such as roaches have difficulty getting close to an overcharged pylon.

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    Easiest map to wall because of in base natural. Doing an old school Pylon, Gate, Core wall is optimal here. Note that you always leave the 1 tile gap near the Gateway where possible so that should you need to make a Zealot for an early pool it can plug the gap immediately.


Easy enough wall off to make, create a 1 tile gap next to your pylon. One downside to getting this 3 structure wall off is that it prevents the 1 tile gap being adjacent to the Gateway. The pylon is also pretty exposed so be wary of early lings surrounding it.


Pretty much an identical wall to Echo LE!


A pretty meme wall. The Gateway can bait Zerg into thinking they can get up your ramp where in fact it is fully sealed. The 1 tile gap is next to the Gateway in this wall off but it does require 4 structures to complete. It is optional whether the south most pylon is replaced with another Gateway or tech structure, it will fit a 4×4 structure or a 2×2 structure. Pylons are semi-exposed.


Another 4 structure wall off. It is complicated by the fact you can only power the initial two structures by using the first pylon for the 1 tile gap rather than the Gateway. Exposed Pylons can be vulnerable to early pressure.


Another 4 structure wall, instead of two pylons however this does require 3 4×4 structures. The second Gateway could be a tech structure if you are not being cheesed. Again exposed Pylons.


Ahh, a 4 structure wall on a 4 player map that requires 3 4×4 structures.. May be worth walling the high ground on this map. Walling on the low ground on a 4 player map with an expensive wall off and exposed Pylons like this can be risky.



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