Clan War Result vs [Bkc]

FoFoG beat Les Bras Cassés with an emphatic 3-0 scoreline in the PSY eSports second round fixtures. FoFoG had decided to use this league to blood it’s Diamond league players and as such selected Ziroy, Shadow, RAW-D and Clare with a potential 5th ace match player left undecided.

Game 1 saw Ziroy come up against Epso in a TvP on Overgrowth. Ziroy opened with a nice Hellion harass, ramping up the pressure and gaining a massive economic lead as the match progressed. Ziroy closed out the win with a Tank/Hellbat push with the tanks decimating the Collosi of the Protoss player before the Hellbats, with medivac support, outnumbered the stalkers and overwhelmed Epso. 1-0 to FoFoG.

Game 2 was a TvT between Shadow and Roudoudou. The map was Foxtrot Labs LE. Roudoudou opened with an aggressive one base play, pushing out with two tanks a viking and some marines. Shadow had expanded quickly but managed to eventually stave off the pressure with his own tanks and superior production capabilities. As the match wore on the superior macro of Shadow showed through and once he took a nice engagement with good tank positioning on the exposed Gold base Roudoudou had taken, he never recovered from these losses and Shadow snowballed from there. Shadow closed the game out with sheer numbers, cranking out enough units to swamp Roudoudou at his natural. 2-0 FoFoG.

Game 3 was played out by RAW-D and Ecsa, a TvZ on Nimbus. RAW-D opened with some reaper harass before going into hellions and eventually heavy drop play. The tactic was a success and RAW-D killed so many drones it became impossible for the Zerg to stabilize. Ecsa tried to push out with Roaches but was met by a bio force that chewed through the Roaches pushing Ecsa back. With the next wave RAW-D got on top of the third base, taking it down before Ecsa tapped out. 3-0 to FoFoG and a first win of the season!

Game 4 wasn’t needed due to the 3-0 scoreline, although we did arrange a friendly between the remaining players so that they got a run out, Clare was unavailable so Distan took his place – beating Oblik in a TvZ played on Merry-Go-Round to round off a great night.



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