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[FFGPro] Afelay makes GM!

The GM promotions are coming thick and fast for Forged Force Gaming as we near the end of Heart of the Swarm. A massive congratulations to Afelay, our Dutch Masters Protoss who was promoted...


[FFGPro] Miracle makes GM!

Forged Force Gaming would like to congratulate our very own Terran bonjwa, Miracle, for achieving Grandmaster for the first time in the Heart of the Swarm ladder. Miracle worked tirelessly on a strict schedule...


Spazymazy joins FoFoG

Forged Force Gaming would like to extend a huge warm welcome to our latest Grandmaster player, Spazymazy! Hailing from Denmark and playing Zerg to a high level Spazy will make a great addition to...


Week 2: SC2i Team League vs ReG

Tonight Forged Force Gaming faced up to ReG Gaming in the Starcraft II Improve Team League. Proceedings started with Unknown, a Grandmaster Protoss squaring up with our very own Protoss, the Master League Protoss,...

UK University Starcraft League 0

UK University Starcraft League

Studying at a higher education institute in the UK? Play Starcraft 2? Would you be interested in participating on behalf of your university in a Starcraft 2 tournament? Are you sick and tired of...


FAO epicLAN participants

Hi guys, Please ensure that after you purchase your ticket you also enroll yourself for the Starcraft II tournament. You can do so by following this link.. epicLAN Starcraft II Tournament


2015: Season 1 Maps

Hi guys, You’re probably aware the ladder will reset on Monday 12th January 2015. We will be bidding farewell to some old favorites (heh). Goodbye to King Sejong Station, Foxtrot Labs, Merry go round/roach...