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I am Sorry! 0

I am Sorry!

You are probably wondering why i am writing an apology, well it is to all current members and ex members of Forged Force Gaming.  We have a platform to publicise this team to its...


OSC SC2   Here is the tournament list for the OSC SC2, have fun and go win ! 🙂

Forged Open #1 0

Forged Open #1

Good evening everyone, from looking into how the team is, we have a small core of players who are active in sc2, active with in the team on TS and Skype playing other games,...

We Now Sponsor TheSCVRush 0

We Now Sponsor TheSCVRush

Forged Force Gaming is now an official Sponsor of TheSCVRush. We are very excited about the prospect of working together and growing in Starcraft2 together. SCVRush is a tournament organiser which hosts 4 tournaments...

Friendly CW vs EmT 0

Friendly CW vs EmT

Masters and Diamond players Sunday at 20:00 CET there is a friendly CW for you to play Chat channel is EmTvsFFG In game please look battlenet:://starcraft/profile/2/17121791884604211200