2015: Season 1 Maps

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You’re probably aware the ladder will reset on Monday 12th January 2015. We will be bidding farewell to some old favorites (heh). Goodbye to King Sejong Station, Foxtrot Labs, Merry go round/roach and Nimbus. We will be retaining Foxtrot Labs, Catellena, Overgrowth and Deadwing from the 2014: Season 3/4 map pool.

What you’re probably most interested in is the four maps that will be replacing the outgoing four. Below are the new maps (note balance could dictate some changes to final maps) summarized briefly with an image of each.


Expedition Lost
Main features on this map are lack of dead space for drops into main, large hidden sections within main base for possible proxies and destructible rocks at the back of main base for sneak attacks. Natural seems fairly easy to hold with additional bases beyond that increasingly more difficult – expected third base has destructible rocks, other third has three fairly open entrances although if this is secured then the four base on the same platform should be fairly straightforward. Gold bases in the middle of map, high risk/high reward as usual – bit far for a Terran to float to! Some good chokes for Protoss, some open areas for Zerg. Expect Terran to find it difficult to do early damage with the lack of open air round the main. Looks to be an interesting map in prospect.

Secret Spring

Multiple paths to opponents base, large open space on main for blink, nydus etc. – although safe natural on upper tier. Quickest route has a lot of chokes but initially covered by destructible rocks.Third base again not so easy to take, multiple ways in and easy to drop between natural and third. Another map featuring central gold bases. Destructible rocks seal off many expansions and sneak attack routes. Good mix between open space and chokes again.


Vaani Research Station
Another map with an easy to take natural. Third base exposed but does have one choke that should be easy to defend, just open space in front of expansion that may prove challenging. Big distance between third and natural may be a problem when dealing with drops. Lots of open space near gold bases, interestingly not fully symmetrical – 3 gold bases; 1 central and 2 closer to each players base. Drop play may be effective on natural, also a bit of dead space near third. One watch tower in middle-right side of map. With the closer gold expansions may be interesting to see how this plays out if players decide to utilize these bases.


Inferno Pools
The largest of the new maps. Aside from an interesting tile set, which utilizes the swamp green effect and lava, this 4 player map (I assume close by ground is off) has an easy to take natural. Then there’s a choice between a risky gold base (raised cliff near by for easy sniping of workers) or a raised normal third. Plenty of dead space at each end of the map for drop play, also features island bases for each side. Plenty of chokes on this map, seems to be the least open of the newer maps, aside from one gaping area in the very middle.

Full list of maps for this season
Overgrowth LE (2)
Catallena LE (3)
Expedition Lost (2)
Secret Spring (2)
Vaani Research Station (2)
Inferno Pools (4)
Deadwing LE (4)



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