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Good Evening Guys Magico Owner of Forged Force Gaming here,

2014 is coming to a close and I Would like to take this time to do a review of where we are and what has happened in Forged Force Gaming so far.

Since May we have been going and growing as a team, we have had some people who left for one “good reason or another” and new players join us through the past year. We have played in SC2IL Leagues run by SC2Improve and for the first time entered the Psy Esports league with the GSL Format, this second season we have had a relatively good season in group 2b and hopefully made the playoffs. Below i will state 2015 goals for CW Matches and in a future post result of this seasons league placement.

Our UK Players i have met all through the two different LAN’s we attended, Epic LAN and Insomnia 52. I must say it was a privilege to meet all of you and looking forward to meeting rest of our team mates in the near future 🙂

We have had winners in online competitions and Players improving on ladder and getting closer and closer to promotions and higher ranks, which i am very pleased about.

So looking forward to 2015 i am going to set out my vision for the team, i feel we are at a stage now where we can all advance ourselves with in FoFoG, and as a Team Unit

Currently in 2015 
Captain = Ceonsamea, sc2 improve team league organiser
Vice Captain = Distan, Psy Esports League organiser
Web Designer = Azures

Action Plan

My new plan for the team is to get us a but more well known in the E-sports scene in all our represented countries:
A new team schedule will be implemented in 2015, to bring the team closer together as a unit and to keep practice and passion and hard work going in SC2. The team schedule will not be mandatory but i feel with a plan of action from week to week, it will encourage growth individually and in the team through 2015.
Goals for the team in 2015
Firstly 2015 offers a fresh new start for a player, i would like to know players goals individually and for the team in 2015.
Maybe even a small vlog for intro videos for website or YouTube.

Secondly I want the team to have it’s best chance of getting into Division 1 of the SC2IL + if Division 2 again then i want to win it out right, same with the Psy Esports League i want to win out right.

Thirdly I want every player to feel like they can use all resource in FoFoG to improve as a player in SC2 and individually as a person.


Social Media
In 2015 i am determined to use social media more, Twitter and Facebook will be used to promote players streams, achievements of players and team and team information. YouTube videos of CW matches and stream games is also a good idea for players. Social Media is our best source to use to promote FoFoG in 2015 and we will use this to our full advantage !


New idea when streamiong in 2015, i have noticed streamers not doing much in the first 5 mins, they interact with chat welcoming viewers and listening to music.
at start of stream after 5 mins introduce yourself on stream, stream goals for the day and always have fun. State our social media pages or say in the description under the video player.

Player Review:

I feel a player Review is always good for everyone, even for myself to look at myself see what flaws I have and look to improve on them. With the Captain and Vice Captain i will do a full team review plus personal interaction with everyone to get personal opinions and suggestions for 2015.

Final Statement

2015 is the year of Forged Force Gaming, this is the year we break into the lime light in SC2 as a team. It is the year that we become a better, stronger team, plus becoming Ladder Warriors.

I love this team and I want players who are passionate to be on Forged Force Gaming, this year is our year! Forged Force Gaming Fighting ! <3



I own the team.

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3 Responses

  1. [FoFoG]Flux says:

    Good Post boss.

    Here’s What I would like to add just from a player perspective of what I would like from my teammates and manager.

    We need to nail down our roster. The expectations of players will come from their goals i would imagine but it would be good if there were some rules that you want players to abide by. Rules of what is expected as a minimum and what isn’t acceptable. (you know, a mutual respect between players, a minimum number of games) When these have been clearly laid out to all members and agreed to, then these expectations should be then they should be enforced, clearly, to the same degree regardless of age, nationality, how long theyve been in the team.

    It might also be nice if we are using half the squad only for sc2i and half for psy then make these 2 separate squads known and then if Distan is in charge of organizing we as a squad and he, as the organizer, know who they need to talk to.

    Using the website is another big one. We have a great website here but we do not use it to its full potential. Use the website more to plan clan wars. Use it to talk to the team and it will become a more widely used “hub” for all the players to visit.

    Action Plan.
    It would be good to know exactly what the plan is for the team going forward. We’ve established some goals in this post that we can all agree with but it would be good to have a plan made. (probably after youve worked out what everyones goal is).

    If you wanna ask anything further about this mitch then let me know,
    Cheers and here is to 2015,

  2. Fully understand your post, will go away and make sure i implement what you have said in a future post for the team

  3. Good stuff, looking forward to it! I’ll make sure to promote our social media when i stream from now on! 🙂